Liufeng Mountain Scenic Spot

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Introduction to Liufeng Mountain Scenic Spot


          Liufeng Mountain Scenic Spot lies in the center of Lingshan County town by the Mingke Jiang river,with an area of 980,000 square metres,242metres above sea level and the relative height of 182 metres,It has well developed land and water network of communication of which is about 98Km from Qinzhou,150Km from Biehai and 120Km from Nanning . It has treated as a provincial scenic spot by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government since 1988 . The "Liufeng Zhuixiu" was chosen as one of new eight big scenic spots of Qinzhou in 1998 .

        Liufeng Mountain Scenic Spot enjoys the natural ecological environment which has the towering old trees , the greenwood,the birds singing and the flowers giving forth fragrance,the bright pavilion and ancient temple . A powerful Liufeng Mountain with "sheer precipices and overhanging rocks,a wonderful cliff and cave and the superlative craftsmanship". It was named Liufeng Mountain by the Longtou peak,Fengwei peak,Heli peak, Turtle back peak, Baozhang peak and the skies peak. Sometimes it looks like the turtle leaning over and the crane standing, cottonrose hibiscus and the dragons flying and the phoenixes dancing . During the Song Dynasty,Liufeng Mountain depended on its own reputation of the greatness of a man lends glory to a place, it has attracted many visitors from all over the world .

       There are more than thirty scenic spots in Liufeng Mountain, they are Beidi temple , sanhai grotto,Guangyin pavilion,Daxiong palace,Sanqing palace,Big Buddha hall,Dragon boat cave, Huanghua study,stone drum,Guanyin carved stone and the second battery , etc . The Beidi temple was built during the five years zhengde of the Ming Dynasty,it is one of the famous Taoism temple, according to the popular legend, its gods govern the Southeast Asia,it has attracted devotees come to worship for a long time past . Sanhai grotto and liufeng mountain coming down in one continuous line, it was named by three change of time brings great changes to the world, "the cool breeze,the carved stone and the stalactite" were taken for three peaks of poetic perfection of Sanhai grotto . "Not the three fu in June, Four seasons are bathed in the cool breeze, Wonderful caves and stalactite,Wonderful workmanship excelling nature,Seeing mountain looks like enjoying the sight of the picture and Visiting the caves seem reading the history,"they are regarded as the portrayal true to life of Sanhai grotto . In Sanhai grotto,there are more than 150 stones inscriptions on the cliff,they are masterpieces of famous persons of past dynasties, they have higher artistic standard and historical value .