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Dragon boat cave

The Dragon Boat Cave is one of the largest carves in Liufeng Moutain, with 40 meters deep and 135 meters length for sightseeing. The name derives from a natural rock in the shape of a dragon boat in the cave. Inside the cave lie such scenic spots as the Orchard, Longtan Waterfall, Tales of the Servant Girl Huanxiu, Dragon-Boat Rock, Son-Moon-Star Pool, Eight Immortals, the Dragon King, etc.

(千年古荔 An Over-One-Thousand-Year Tree of Litchi

Lingshan is famous as the home of litchi in China. Well-known for the exceptionally high quality and pleasant flavorthe local litchis enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad. In Dengjia Village, Xinxu Town stands an old tree of Lingshan Fragrant Litchi, whose age is over 1500 years. It still blossoms and yields fruit every year and has been listed as a key cultural relics at the county level for preservation. If interested, you can go directly to Dengjia Village to admire the old tree of litchi.