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"The land" workshop


There are three Mountain Gate in the six mountain peak, this is the first mountain gate, also known as the ancient square. The second Mountain Gate is the "six peaks Baoshan" memorial archway, and the third gate is stone gate. "The land" square was built in the Qing Dynasty Qianlong forty-one years (1776), has been 230 years of history, was built for the river governor, Lianzhou Zhifu Kang Jitian, and inscribed the name fang. The gate remained intact and rebuilt in 1983. "The beginning" means that this is the first gate on the six mountain, on both sides of the couplets are "the pulse out through three sea, beginning to climb six peaks". "Xi" refers to Lingshan is the six peak at the time, before the six mountain called Lingshan, Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, Buddhist religious activities flourished, six mountain shows so blessed aura, called "Xi"; "pulse" from Feng Shui is "the dragon", "three seas" that the mountain has been extended dragon out through the "three sea", now located in Lingshan middle school in ancient inscriptions of famous "Hai Yan three", and six are also intimately tied up with fengshan. "The first place to climb the six peaks", that is, here is the initial mountain climbing, from here climbing straight up six peaks Baoshan. Enter the gate see is "Ford building", is the six peak mountain temple. Many visitors come to visit the six mountain, in addition to the pious visit here from Pak Tai, like a stick of incense, a vow, seek peace and happiness, good luck, because of the Months and years pass by. incense, the walls were blackened, floor.