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Longtou Rock

Longtou Rock lies in Longtou Peak, one of the six peaks of Liufeng Mountain. On the left side of the rock there is an inscription with two Chinese characters Yun Ti in it, written by Li Yuthe magistrate of Lingshan County in Wan-Li Period of Ming dynasty. Yun Ti has two meanings. On the one hand it describes the stages winding up the high mountain; on the other hand it suggests Lis ambitions in his official career. On the façade of the rock four Chinese Characters Ren Huan Sheng Di ( the greatest place in the world) was carved by Zeng Yanan officer in charge of Lianzhou in Ming dynasty.

There is a poem carved beneath Ren Huan Sheng Di. Outside the Phoenix Mountain, stands several green peaks. They look like either six fences or a curving screen. Such high cliffs wont fall down; who engraves them? They totally attract my eyes and thoughts. The author of the poem is Lin Jizhong, the director of the political department in the 11th division of the 4th iron army led by the general Ye Ting during the Northern Expedition (1920s). Lin was appointed the director-general of the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, as well as the member of the Central Committee in the 4th Congress of Nationalist Party in 1931.When he visited Liufeng Mountain in 1933, he wrote this poem, which mainly describes the precipitouswinding paths and screen-like high mountains. It shows Lins admiration for Liufeng Mountai and natures workmanship.