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Qinzhou City flag religious heart "flag raising ceremony was held in the County six Pak Tai Temple Mountain

In July 1st, the United Front Work Department of Qinzhou Municipal Committee held the ceremony of lifting the flag of the people's Republic of China to celebrate the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) 96th anniversary. Xie Jiang, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of Qinzhou Municipal Committee of CPC, Huang Huaguang, director of Qinzhou Religious Bureau, Vice Minister of United Front Work of Lingshan county Party committee, and director of Religious Bureau of Lingshan County, Ning Zhenwang attended the flag raising ceremony. A total of more than 50 religious representatives from all walks of life attended the flag raising ceremony in our county.

At 9 in the morning, in the majestic national anthem, a bright five-star red flag rising in the small square of my county six Pak Tai Temple before the mountain. To participate in the ceremony at the staff salute, solemn attended the flag raising ceremony, when the five-star red flag hanging in the top of the flagpole fluttering in the wind, everyone excitedly clapped. This is the first to carry out religious sites in the flag raising ceremony, the purpose is to flag into the sites for religious activities as the starting point, and actively guide and educate the masses of believers and religious people firmly establish the concept of patriotism, inspire patriotism enthusiasm, solidarity, build harmony.

It is reported that the "71" on the eve of the Qinzhou Municipal United Front Work Department, Qinzhou City Bureau of religious affairs jointly formulated the "Qinzhou City venues for religious activities in the national flag management regulations (Trial)", the city's legal venues for religious activities in the national flag should have the condition, lifting the flag time, procedures and made clear. The religious personnel conducted a special training and management of the flag and the flag raising ceremony, I selected six Fengshan on New Year's day and Spring Festival, Pak Tai Temple 71, national day and other major festivals to carry out the pilot national flag, the conditions are ripe and then in the city with the preparation conditions for religious activities organized. (Lu Binwei, Wen Feng)