Liufeng Mountain Scenic Spot
Carved Stone of“Famous Mountains in the West of Lingshan”


This inscription consists of 41-line Chinese characters written in the running script. Kang Jitian wrote it and had it carved in April, 1776 as a record of his travel to two famous scenic spots--Liufeng Mountain and Sanhai Cave two years ago. As a well-known calligrapher in Qing dynasty, Kang, in this inscription, conveyed extreme compliments for the natural beauty of Liufeng Mountain and showed his expectations for the land of abundance, outstanding people and the rising of culture. He admired the scenery very much, and two ruins of the places Kang built and lived in are still remained in Liufeng Mountain. For its excellence in both the handwriting and the content, rubbings of this inscription were even spread to Hong Kong.