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Today a talk about Chu folk story: the prince of Lingshan six - Pak Tai Temple Legends

"Emperor" is short, full name is the "northern Zhenwu emperor xuantian". The name of a lot, also called Tati, Zhenwu generals, swing, Xuanwu, black magic, dili. The most common is called "the emperor". The original is a myth in the soul of the Jade Emperor in heaven in the soul of three, seven in the soul and soul of the two.

When it comes to the supreme emperor, has found there is a bright day, very gorgeous, to inquire about her, know there are a Liu home to have a colorful Baoshu in sparkling. The Jade Emperor appreciated this jewelry number, and is the envy of the world prosperous, so to separate my soul, a soul to soul in Liu 2, but a strange soul g break, so colorful Baoshu soon withered, dim light. There is no hope, this is the second time singular souls reincarnate into another people's homes, but also by the civilian family can not afford the huge grams of evil, so the soul will third times in the singular paradise net Queen's belly, then China has three years of drought in the net, The people are destitute. On the 3th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the day, the dew rain, the birth of the prince of absolute happiness, Xuanwu belongs to the people of the water, and the days of public opinion, the emperor and the people of the whole nation jubilation. The prince grew up as the country repeatedly exploits soon when the king, and his throne to his son to Zen, Wudang monks, met a lot of difficulties in order to get medicine, inside and Wudang several times to help Mary and attunement, experienced 42 years of hard practice, work to Xiuman fruit, Cheonggyecheon stream feet, shampoo, body wash, and wash by the five internal organs, unexpectedly just wash finished, and suddenly the angel in the jade aim to Xuan Zhao, Zhenwu hastily without shoes and barefoot, no hair and unkempt, even stomach, intestines too late to clean up, just like an angel to appear before the temple, the jade emperor was invested northern Zhenwu emperor Xuantian generals, led to the world against the demon divine troops descending from Heaven. Wu heroic, suppressed have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, six days of the devil, foot tortoise and snake (that is to blame two Zhenwu road in front of the stomach and intestines have become gremlin), people admire of Pak Tai Temple, like the moon, burn incense worship, hope to get bless in. Every year on the six mountain worship of believers and tourists in most of the three festivals, the Spring Festival (the 1th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar), (the 3th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar) in the Christmas morning, the Double Ninth Festival (lunar calendar September 9th), when tens of thousands of people, bustling.