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Six Mountain Ecological Culture Park Planning Review Meeting

In the morning of May 26th, the six mountain ecological cultural park planning review meeting was held in our county, and the design scheme of the planning and design units was evaluated separately. County Party Secretary Mo Dongpei, county magistrate Liu Qin, county standing committee, office director Chen Jianjun, and the County Housing Construction Bureau, Land Bureau, Municipal Bureau and other related units leaders attended the review meeting.

At the meeting, the designers of the planning and design company interpreted the overall planning of the six peak Ecological Culture Park from the aspects of the design concept, planning layout and other aspects. The leaders of the units made a speech in combination with the actual situation of the Six Mountains, and put forward opinions and suggestions.

Mo Dongpei pointed out in his speech, the planning and design company to do the planning combined with the six actual Fengshan, improve the function of regional division, basic content integrity, embodies the characteristics, but also planning further refined, fully absorb the participants put forward opinions and suggestions, to further improve the scientific and reasonable planning and operation.

Liu Qin pointed out that the project design party should constantly improve and optimize the planning and design program, a high starting point planning, high standard construction. Fully understand and study the topography of the Six Mountains, and try to protect the original ecology. To further improve the development pattern and function of Ecological Cultural Park six mountain division theme, refine service facilities, highlight the local characteristics, accurately grasp the market development orientation, closely combined with the development of our county's ecological tourism, create fine highlights of leisure tourism destination, providing a good place for people's leisure life. (Huang Guangfei)