Liufeng Mountain Scenic Spot
Guangxi is a West Lingshan (now called the six mountain) like the tortoise named turtle ridge, turtle is fetish, because of the name of Lingshan count

Speaking of Guangxi, we all know that it claims to have one hundred thousand mountains! Guangxi is a West Lingshan (now called the six mountain) because of a mountain like the tortoise named turtle ridge, the turtle is treasure, it is a county because of the name of Lingshan county.

Speaking of Lingshan County, you may not know, but speaking of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone of the coastal central city of Qinzhou, no one knows, Lingshan county is located in the northeast of Qinzhou City, more than 100 kilometers apart from Nanning. The geographical advantages of "backed by the southwest and facing Southeast Asia".

With its natural Art beats nature. created the Lingshan beautiful and rich. There are famous experts wrote highly praised: "Lingshan Xiushui, water Xiushan Ling."." Lingshan is still a famous agricultural county in China, and it is a famous hometown of Litchi in china". Every time the lunar calendar in March, will be continued to have different types of litchi listed.

The County Cultivated litchi species up to 35, the main planting species in March, red Feizixiao, Heiye, Guiwei, Nuomici, Lingshan Xiangli, high quality and famous all over the world. 6 from late mid July to early, the peak period of litchi, Lingshan people warmly welcome eight guests come to Beijing together. The annual meeting, gathered together, has become the annual "Guangxi Lingshan litchi civilization Travel Festival" Carnival feast.

Lingshan picturesque scenery, an exquisite scenery, many travel resource rich places of historic interest and scenic beauty. In the "six mountain scenic spot to attract many tourists who" reputation, with "ancient houses, ancient, ancient couplets" and world-famous Dalu village, "flies and the sunset sky" the spirit of the East water recreation summer scenic area, "with red litchi a tree full of charm," Li Li Xiang Wu Long floating city ecological sightseeing scenic and natural beauty of humanity, timeless charm.

Six peak mountain

The six peak mountain altitude of 343 meters, 184 meters straight, by leading, Feng Wei, heli, turtle, Xiao Chong, guarantee "six peaks, six peaks so. Six mountain has a profound religious history of civilization, Taoism, Buddhism is one of China's famous rare. Located in the mountain cliff under the six abdominal Pak Tai Temple, built in the Ming Dynasty Zhengde five years, is one of the famous Taoist temple near the leisure activities, and with a long history of Buddhism Guanyin temple was designated as the Lingshan county open top management.