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Beidi temple


Beidi Temple lies in the hillside of Liufeng Mountain. It was originally built in 1506 (Zhengde Period of Ming Dynasty) and is a holy temple to worship Beidi, the Northern God Xuantian of Taoism. Now it has become the sole of Lingshans Taoism culture. Liufeng Mountain is well-known to people in Southeast Asia. The believers say that Beidi in Liufeng can take care of the Southeast Asia. Inside the temple there is a statue of Beidi which was made of a natural stone connected to Liufeng Mountain. This makes the statue better connected to the nature and Gods spirits. As we can see, the statue of Beidi seems full of life, with a grand robe on it and two feet bare. He steps the turtle and serpent, two evil generals that can cause flood and set fire. There are four guards on each side: Deng Shiyi, Zhao Guangming, Ma Shengguang and Guan Luobao. Everyone is threatening and irresistible. All in all, Beidi is a representative of the Jade Emperor, so powerful that he could help countless beings and make every wish come true.