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Baoshan Memorial Archway


The magenta archway with four Chinese characters Liu Feng Bao Shan (Liufeng Moutain is a treasure mountain) on it is the second gateway to climb Liufeng Mountain. It is an ancient archway built in 1776 and these four characters were written by Kang Jitian, too. It was said that when Kang went on a tour of inspection in Lingshan as a governor, the accompanying drumbeat was mysteriously low as they reached the suburb. Kang started to wonder if an officer superior to him stayed in Lingshan, or there was just some treasure here. He got off his sedan chair and suddenly a beam of red light showed up on Liufeng Mountain. He then searched the mountain for the treasure, but once he reached one peak, the red light showed up on another. This kept happening again and again. Finally Kang sighed and said, “there are treasures in Liufeng Mountain but I am not lucky enough to have them. Then he wrote Liu Feng Bao Shan here.