Liufeng Mountain Scenic Spot
[Tour] Qinzhou's strongest travel strategy.

Qinzhou, located in the Golden Triangle coastal area of Guangxi, is situated in the waterfront, Yamakawa Mirei, charming scenery and geographical position. It is a modern coastal tourist city. Qinzhou numerous monuments, splendid culture, since ancient times is a famous tourist resort in southern Guangxi! Below for the percentage of net Daquan we organize Qinzhou tourism scenic spots worth visiting, hoping for everyone to travel to Qinzhou on.


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Scenic spots worth visiting in Qinzhou

Six peak mountain scenic area

Known as the "Western scenery" and "World Resort" name

The six mountain scenic area is located in Lingshan County, including the flower hill, Lantau Peak, six and a mountain peak Tsui wall bearing, and the six Peak Park, mountain park, mountain bridge etc.. Six mountain peak 182 meters above sea level, due to the flat terrain around, so there is the ground to pull out the air.

The Sanniang Bay

TV drama "Kaido flower" shooting base

Sanniangwan, one of Guangxi's top ten scenic area, national 4A level scenic spots, is the hometown of Chinese white dolphins. Located in the northern coast of southern China, located in the south of rhinoceros foot town, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region City, Qinzhou. Sanniangwan Village East and Beihai across the sea, the West and Qinzhou port adjacent to the highway two Qin Fang rhinoceros can reach Sanniangwan, convenient transportation, rich in aquatic resources, a large crab, oysters, shrimp, grouper and other four famous.

Eight stockaded villages

Beautiful scenery, profound cultural heritage

The eight ditch is located in Guangxi one hundred thousand mountains, is a natural scenic spot in Guangxi, Qinzhou national 4A level scenic spot, located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Qinzhou. Eight Dazhaigou tourist area is rich in tourism resources, convenient transportation, convenient transportation, high-speed direct access to the scenic, scenic road into, are concrete and asphalt pavement, scenic mountains overlap, Linhai vast, is southeast of Guangxi forest vegetation protection and restoration of the well area.

Qinzhou tourism must go to scenic spots

Seventy-two Jing

Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties seventy-two Jing has been one of Qinzhou eight

Longmen Jing Jing seventy-two seventy-two islands located in the northwest of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region City, Qinzhou Qinzhou Development Zone, Qinzhou famous in Maowei sea. More than 100 islands scattered scattered in the 10 km mixed and the Qinzhou Bay Sea upstream attraction is the natural landscape and human landscape in an integrated ecological tourist resort, located in the southern coastal city of Qinzhou Zhuang Autonomous Region wide, seventy-two North Sea - Qin Jiang Jing Shajing port, South to the Gulf of Qinzhou sea the three portal pier.

Feng Zicai's former residence

Excellent patriotic education materials

The former residence of Feng Zicai in the town of Qinzhou, also known as Kung Pao, white pond village in Qinzhou City, Feng Zicai was relegated to the residence. Feng Gongbao covers a total area of more than 150 thousand square meters and covers an area of 2020 square meters. Including three hills like a tiger, the local people known as the "Crouching Tiger". Ring around the walls, the walls are the main building into three, each divided into three rooms, each room is divided into 3 small rooms, a total of 9, 27 small rooms, a distinctive "three row nine" construction mode.

Three Xuan Hall

Dignified and simple, large scale, unique layout

Three Xuan Tang is a national hero in the former residence of Liu Yongfu, Liu Yongfu in the Vietnam war against the law made repeatedly expressed, by the Vietnamese King three declared admiral, the name of his former residence. Into the residence house, the first thing is that the old general Liu of the white marble statue, Longmen is the main drag through the back seat. The main seat in the reception hall is divided into four parts: difficult to display Liu Yongfu's performance against the law for black flag hero, Taiwan, anti Japanese, mulberry Yuzhuang huwei.

Big reed village

Was awarded the "Guangxi first couplet village" title

Dalu village is located in Guangxi Qinzhou Lingshan County, East 8 kilometers, known as "litchi village", here is the most worth visiting is a rich historical and cultural heritage of the ancient cultural buildings, Dalu village Lloyd's old house a total of nine communities, which were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations. The old house yard, the ancient quiet deep, with a large number of cultural relics Wen Tianxiang manuscripts and other treasures, witnessed the glorious history, is the most valuable possession of more than 300 pair of Qing Dynasty, this creation has handed down the couplets, humanistic value and appreciate the value of precious historical research.

Tourist attractions in Qinzhou

Ma Lan

Rare natural bathing beach

Ma Ma Lan also known as blue head, is an island on the Gulf of Qinzhou, is located in Xiniujiao town of Qinzhou city in the northwest corner, take the boat half hour arrived. The island resembles a yoke, the width 400 meters, the narrowest 200 meters, an area of about 80 thousand square meters of the hill on the island, on the top of the mountain can enjoy the view of the sea. The island has fresh air, luxuriant forest, broad and flat beaches, varied reefs, rich seafood, charming sea view, is a famous tourist attraction in Qinzhou.

Water recreation resort

Tourism equipment is very complete

Dam 30.6 meters high dam, West three slopes, green grass. Dongling reservoir is also known as "East Lake", and "six peaks" and other attractions have been included in the coastal tourist scenic area of Guangxi. The reservoir is surrounded by green hills, clear water, Bicheng, fishing island village, Liyuan, Lam, gulls each other, like a jewel encrusted mirror. Take a boat upstream from the dam CEA, waves Feizhou, interesting. Or on the dam to see the brilliance of the Chaoyang, sunset gorgeous. The whole area is covered with colorful color, Modai, pan golden wave.

The mountain scenic area

The perennial smog Xiaguang miles

The mountain scenic area is the District Municipal scenic Wanyuan Wanyuan City 58 kilometers away from.