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[Qinzhou] public bicycle service, WeChat sweep away the car.

In September 1st, sponsored by the people's Government of Lingshan County, Lingshan County Municipal Management Bureau, Qinzhou Beijing Long Public Bicycle Management Limited company to undertake the Lingshan county public bicycle project launch ceremony was held at the people's square. County magistrate Liu Qin attended the ceremony and announced the ceremony started, deputy magistrate Zhang Jianjun as a public bicycle operation project briefing, the government office director Lu Wanxiao presided over the ceremony. After the ceremony, mayor Liu Qin, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee Wu Yue, vice mayor Zhang Jianjun, vice chairman of the CPPCC Huang Weizheng, Qinzhou Jing Long Public Bicycle management company executives and all units on behalf of the volunteers participated in the "green ride". Leading cadres of the government have taken the lead in promoting energy saving and low carbon travel, and in Lingshan, there has been an energy saving and low carbon wind.

County magistrate Liu Qin announces operation ceremony starts

Zhang Jianjun, deputy county magistrate, as a public bicycle operation project

Ritual scene

On the spot, rows of neat public bicycles are placed, and bicycles are also installed at each point. These bicycles are not only novel and beautiful, but also green, and they are very clean and environmentally friendly. Look carefully, the body also printed on behalf of Lingshan cultural characteristics of the pattern. Through the public bicycle this cultural carrier, Lingshan culture into the streets and lanes.

Uniform public bicycles

Entering the six mountain ring mountain road

A clean and tidy mountain road

Only sport and beauty can't be lived up to

The concept of public bicycles originated from the public bicycle system, which exists in the service station of the public bicycle system. This site is based on a certain distance away from the city traffic planning layout at the gate of the community, tourist attractions and other densely populated area rental sites, each site configuration of the 30-50 car around public bike rental stations, can be managed through public bike management system of public bicycle.

Every public bike alone configuration lock and card reader, the public through the card to borrow the car for public bicycle rental service, each site between the interconnection, the convenience of the public rental and convenient return service. Public bicycles are different from ordinary bicycles. It uses more lightweight materials and custom integrated colors. It provides convenience for the public, but also becomes a beautiful landscape in the city.

With the continuous development of Lingshan's economy and society, the continuous improvement of the environment, the introduction of public bicycle projects already have mature conditions. In order to speed up the Lingshan county public transport overall supporting services, improve the construction of city public infrastructure, the establishment of green transportation and energy saving public transportation system, combined with the actual situation in Lingshan county and the travel needs of the people, Lingshan county this year, the introduction of public bicycle service project. The public bicycle project as an important livelihood projects in Lingshan, mainly the construction of public bicycle station 80, parking shed 5, station 1, culture 2, running 2000 public bicycles and operations required for the management of software and hardware equipment etc..

Public bicycle as an important livelihood projects in Lingshan, promote green travel, alleviate the traffic pressure in the city center as the goal, after the will for the general public to build a green, healthy and convenient travel system.


Charge standard: free within 1 hours (including 1 hours) free, more than 1 hours, according to 1 yuan per hour charge (1 hours less than 1 hours in accordance with the hourly meter) to collect rental service fees, and so on.

Do card process: people with my ID card (non Qinzhou household staff with a residence permit and the two generation ID card) and copy to the designated card, to pay 200 yuan deposit, spending 20 yuan and 10 yuan fee card can apply for IC card.

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