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[Eat] come to Qinzhou, you absolutely can not miss the delicious food.

There are a lot of small partners to ask questions, Xiaobian, what are the fun in Qinzhou? What's delicious? No, all of them are asking about eating and drinking in Qinzhou. About funny places, small series can be answered one by one, but on the delicious, please take the bench to find Xiaobian, let's sit down and say slowly......

Ask what's good in Qinzhou

That little micro has to talk to you for most of the day

The characteristics of course is our roast oyster


Pig powder

cucumber peel

Cucumber skin is a landmark product of Qinzhou, it is crisp and delicious, summer with good friends.

Qinzhou sea, aquatic products have four famous large oysters, shrimp, grouper, crab, delicious taste, there are all kinds of seafood, dry cargo, Handmade, easy to carry, easy gifts, after simple cooking, taste is also very beautiful.

Dried squid

Squid dry seafood market, squid dry category is various, from the deep sea fishing on the fishing boat drying surface into, meat thick, rich nutrition, is the best seafood.

Dried peeled prawn

Dried shrimp is the product after dried shrimps. Using live shrimp as raw material, clean shrimp body with clean water, remove shrimp head, shrimp tail and shrimp shell. After the shelling is pure shrimp shrimp. Shrimp dishes as light and refreshing, easy to digest, young or old, and welcomed by customers.

The sea cucumber shark's fin no expensive, but delicious crisp, sea cucumber and shark's fin is less than. Garlic steamed worm is in the restaurant can not point dishes, dried the stem into the soup, can porridge and dishes taste, flavor instant on several levels!